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"Helping Elderly and Disabled in Need Gain Support"


  A West Virginia Based Advocacy Group



Monthly column featured in Two Lane Livin' Magazine - 2011 Archives





April 2011 - Caregiving takes a toll.

Back in 1998 when we lived in Texas, while helping care for my husband’s grandmother who suffered from Alzheimer, my sister’s husband suffered a spinal cord injury on Memorial Day at Bee Run, in Sutton, West Virginia. Just an hour before, he had called to say they were going swimming. An hour later he went from a physically active employed worker earning a living for his family to a paralyzed, flat on his back, hospital patient for over three months, until he was stable and well enough to be “allowed” to come home. The option for my sister was either to learn how to care for him and prove it to the doctors, or he would be transferred to a nursing home. She spent hours at the hospital learning what was necessary to ensure his return..... Read more

June 2011 - How Patients can communicate more effectively with their doctor  

People are often in a rush when visiting their doctor, as they’re either trying to get ready, get the family loaded into the vehicle, finishing up with work before leaving early to make the appointment on time, or forgot about it in the first place! Once there, tired from the drive, the wait, the dealing with family, or arguing with the boss about needing the time off, their minds are not usually prepared to talk with the physician..... Read more