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Located at The West Virginia Massage Therapy Wellness and Caregiver Resource Center in Flatwoods, WV, Exit 67 on I-79 (next door/same parking lot as Flatwoods Mid-Mountain Lanes)

Join Us for Music & Dancing!



Summer Series FREE Wellness Seminars:  Saturdays 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm - call 304-765-0490 to reserve your space. Courtesy of West Virginia Massage Therapy, attendees will receive a "Buy One, get one FREE" coupon for a stress relieving "Wellness" therapeutic massage treatment session.

Summer Series FREE Caregiver Resource Seminars: Saturdays 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm - call 304-765-0490 to reserve your space. Courtesy of West Virginia Massage Therapy, attendees will receive a "Buy One, get one FREE" coupon for a stress relieving "Wellness" therapeutic massage treatment session.

FREE Vision Screening July 27, 2011 from 11:00 am to 7:30 pm - Appointments accepted. Walk-ins Welcome. Call 304-765-0490. Screening will include checking vision and eyeglasses, also diabetic, strabismus & glaucoma screening. "This project is a joint venture between West Virginia University Department of Ophthalmology and the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation. It is our mission to deliver quality vision screenings and ophthalmological care to critically underserved regions of West Virginia.”

Download Flyer and Permission form (if children will be attending without adult).

To help relieve stress and have FUN, consider joining us for Great DJ Dancing Music from 7 - 10 pm on Saturday Nights!  FREE Admission!

Music:  Country, Rock, Pop, Line Dancing, Bluegrass & More by DJ!

When:  7 to 10 pm - Saturday Nights all through July 2011

Where: Exit 67 on Go-Mart side of I-79 in Flatwoods, WV, past Lloyds Hardware, and turn right into bowling alley parking lot. Music and Dancing will be held inside at Flatwoods Mid-Mountain Lanes Ballroom (Banquet Center). 
Cost: ....FREE.... Children must be with adult or parent. No alcohol, no smoking.

HEADINGS primary goal is to provide a centrally located comprehensive caregiver resource center for individuals, small businesses and corporate entities. To facilitate meeting the diverse needs of its many clients, HEADINGS has retained the consulting services of Linda Ziac, LPC, LADC, CEAP, CCM, Founder of The Caregiver Resource Center located in Cos Cob, Connecticut. The Caregiver Resource Center has been providing comprehensive Caregiver Resource consultation services for the nation’s business community since 1990.

By working together synergistically, HEADINGS and The Caregiver Resource Center will provide a large variety of cost saving services to the community. As noted in the report provided by MetLife Productivity Losses to U.S. Business, July 2006, “The average full time elder caregiver costs their employer $2,110 per year.

“Increasingly, supervisors find themselves picking up the pieces in a variety of ways, from offering emotional support to employees, to adjusting their day to deal with workday disruptions. It is estimated that supervisors spend 55.7 million hours of company time per year dealing with employed caregivers, for a total cost to business of over $800 million annually. Source: MetLife Study, February 2010.”

Caregiving is not just a “personal” issue anymore. It’s a crisis, and its effects are resounding throughout our economy, financially crippling the self-employed, causing serious financial losses to unsuspecting employers, and adding to the already burdened health care system. A few of the services it will be providing is important on-site and workplace surveys, employee seminars, training for supervisors, caregiver newsletters, information and referrals, consultations, counseling and guidance, caregiver support groups, caregiver fairs, and more.

"We are just now starting this new website, and it will never be complete, as we all work hard together to help make every caregiver's life and burdens easier, including those who receive care.

A big THANK YOU to Lisa Minney, Editor of Two Lane Livin' Magazine, who has provided us the space necessary in her excellent FREE magazine to present important and relevant caregiving information to its valued readers and loyal followers. 

Here on our website, we will be setting up an area for blogging, posting questions, responses, and more. So, stay tuned until then. Please take time for yourself and be sure to provide "yourself" with the best "caregiving" possible!"

- Dawna Smith, caregiver and advocate